Sensible Remodel and Outdoors, Lou Sims, Richard Wright

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Sensible Remodel and Outdoors, Lou Sims, Richard Wright

Are you allowing an Aggravated Sexual Assaulter of a female Child 12 years of age into your home? Do you know who you are letting in your house? Your private space?

I have had a negative experience with SENSIBLE REMODEL AND OUTDOOR, LLC ( ) and I started to research them. We paid Sensible Remodel and Outdoor for some HVAC work-we paid them for two jobs at two different houses/locations. That work was faulty and come to find out neither Sensible Remodel and Outdoor nor the HVAC tech that Lou Sims and Sensible Remodel introduced us to was Licensed nor legally qualified to perform the HVAC work. The work at two different houses had to be redone. We actually paid the HVAC tech to repair one of the units twice after we paid Sensible Remodel (paid a total of three times for this one house and it had to be repaired by another group) The original HVAC tech worked on multiple units and all of them proved to not be repaired correctly. We are out a substantial amount of money and Mr. Lou Sims, Sensible Remodel and the HVAC Tech refuses to neither make it right nor refund our money. We Paid Sensible Remodel for changing a coil out on another unit and the work that goes along with it and the installed coil was the incorrect one that goes with the system. Sensible then states they will make it right and Lou calls another one of his HVAC groups to do it and that company confirms that the incorrect unit was installed and they change it out and want me to pay for it when they knew it was warranty work.

Because of our issues with them, I started to research the Sensible Remodel and Outdoor, LLC and Mr. Lou Sims. It was very shocking what I found. I found out that his partner (according to the comptroller and other websites) is Mr. Richard Olester Wright who as you can see from the following information is registered as an Aggravated Sexual Assaulter of a female Child 12 years of age. That child is his daughter according to the court records. According to AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT a) A person commits an offense: (1) if the person: (A) intentionally or knowingly: (i) causes the penetration of the anus or sexual organ of another person by any means, without that person's consent;(ii) causes the penetration of the mouth of another person by the sexual organ of the actor, without that person's consent; or(iii) causes the sexual organ of another person, without that person's consent, to contact or penetrate the mouth, anus, or sexual organ of another person, including the actor; or … (you can click on the above link)

I have been told that it is believed that Mr. Wright is the person that enters the homes and oversees the remodeling and construction for Sensible Remodel. It appears that Mr. Lou Sims and Sensible remodel does not disclose Mr. Wright’s affiliation on their website nor discloses that Mr Wright who appears to be an officers of the company and owner is in fact is a registered Aggravated Sexual Assaulter of a female child 12 years of age, in which the 12 year old is his daughter.

I was shocked further when I asked the government if Sensible Remodel and Lou Sims were required to disclose to the parents of children residing in the houses that they remodel that Mr. Wright is a registered Aggravated Sexual Assaulter of a female child 12 years of age, that the child is his daughter and they responded that they do not know of any laws that require Sensible Remodel to disclose this.

According to the court records, among other things, Mr. Wright is required to Have no direct or indirect contact with the victim (whom is his daughter) or the immediate family of the victim

Not go in, on or within a distance or 1000 feet of a premises where children commonly gather, including a school, day-care facility, playground or private youth center, public swimming pool or video arcade facility; Have no unsupervised contact with children under 18 years of age….

SENSIBLE REMODEL AND OUTDOOR, LLC http://www.sensibleremodel.com9400 PERIMETER STDENTON, TX 76207-6668940- 262-3090

According to the Texas Comptroller’s account on this company it is owner and or the executives are:



It appears that Richard Olester Wright is the Richard Wright listed as an Aggravated SEXUAL Assaulter of a female CHILD 12 years of age. According to the court reports this twelve year old is Mr. Wright’s DAUGHTER. See:

Additionally it is published that Mr. Richard Wright Sex Offender InformationName: Richard O WrightLocation: 6038 Green Valley Cir., AubreyYear Born: 1945Sex: MRace: WOffense InfoVictim Age: 13Charge: Aggravated Sexual AssaultOffense Date: 2/19/1997

Victim Age: 12Charge: Indecency With A Child By ContactOffense Date: 2/19/1997

Victim Age: 13Charge: Aggravated Sexual AssaultOffense Date: 2/19/1997

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